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Heat Pump Water Systems

Heat pump hot water systems are very efficient, environmentally friendly and very cost effective to run.

Heat Pump hot water uses the ambient air to convert heat via a refrigeration system in reverse, it is in effect a solar system without panels on your roof, a air conditioner/refrigerator in reverse

We sell all our Heat Pump hot water systems less the STC credits for lower outlays

Our website is under renovations, we no longer sell the Dux Airoheat, plainly the biggest lemon a hot water manufacture could put out in the Australian hot water market, in fact it is extremely dangerous with water constantly getting into the electrical "Hotlogic" (PCB) box, fans constantly falling apart & failing, who designs a heat pump hot water system with a powder coated fan (from China) that is pulling cold moist air through it everyday & exposed to the full weather conditions on top of the system, I advise everyone who is experiencing problems take it to Fair trading & if you have water quality problems get the water tested by a professional you will be amazed or shocked would be a better word for it, what a company that claims to be a great Australian is getting away with ABSOLUTELY DISCUSTING,  Ian Kiernan you should check out what your name is on

We were Dux service agent for Brisbane & Sunshine Coast for 10 years NO MORE

WE CAN FIX HEAT PUMPS- we have spare parts in stock right now CALL FOR FAST RELIABLE SERVICE

We have confidence in selling the Stiebel Eltron brand, a quality unit from Germany

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Airoheat Heat Pump Benefits
  • Operates at temperatures below zero making it suitable throughout most of Australia.
  • The most efficient Heat Pump water heater in its class in Australia, ensuring the homeowner maximises both their green house gas and energy savings.
  • Extremely quiet operation ensures that noise should not become an issue for either the homeowner or their neighbours.
  • The lightest product available (fully assembled) making handling easier.
  • The shortest product available ensuring eaves clearance is never an issue.
  • The sacrificial anodes make the product suitable for all water conditions.
  • High impact polymer louvers and lid improve durability and reduce transport damage.


Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems